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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Memories Are Butterflies And MY Mind A Net Catching Them.

I've always enjoyed listening to Kate Bush. I find all of her music sets me off into a dream like state. Sometimes the music is sad and beautiful at the same time. She is most compelling in all the albums she has made.

She seemed to go off of the radar for some time and I forgot about her as I grew older. I remembered being enthralled by her Wuthering Heights song when I first started work back in 1977 and 1978. I bought all of her early albums but then as I got older and married, I took on more responsibilities and forgot about many of the kind and nostalgic things I enjoyed as a youngster.

Now I am 55 and much older than the 16 year old who had just left school and was discovering the finer things of the world. 

Then I stumbled across the 50 Words For Snow Album - a recent work of Kate Bush. I say recent though it is still a few years old now. It is an absolute peach of an album. It is wonderful to listen to when travelling by car in solitude along the motorway, approaching London and the memories of my younger days. 

The music is so haunting. There are so many wonderful memories that I find myself chasing and my mind bursts with ideas. I feel so happy with my 55 years of age and the nostalgia of chasing memories like they are butterflies fluttering about, and my mind is the net catching such exquisite feelings and kind thoughts. Even sad ones of those who are no longer with me. Not necessarily dead but long moved on.

My old friends during my coming of age years when we lived for Friday and Saturday nights. The times of wonderful friends and night life for young people coming of age. Then drifting into relationships of marriage and children. Trails and tribulations all of the way and then one day after all of the hectic years you stop and look back along the road of your journey through life.

Up to now, I feel fortunate and this particular Kate Bush album - 50 Words For Snow - allows me to drift while driving my car back to London to visit my old Dad. The journey takes a couple of hours and I ride the emotions of life going there in wonderful clutches of memory for the place I lived when coming of age and enjoying the world in a new way from the old way I continue to enjoy now.

A Pro-Brexit Interview from YouTube

The fall out from Brexit is happening, but the doom and gloom predicted does not seem to be here yet. Many are worried that new Prime Minister is going to accept bad conditions to remain in the single market. Many want to leave and charge tariffs. It might come to that yet.

Monday, 25 July 2016

Enjoy fiction historical reading or a retro science fiction story


Enjoy fiction historical reading or a retro science fiction story - an adaptation of HMS Thunder Child from War of the Worlds. In USA NOW! In UK from 2017.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016


Read a great retro science fiction story from an adaptation of War of the Worlds. The action packed tale is set in Victorian Britain of 1898; The Last Days of Thunder Child follows the exploits of a British ironclad as she cruises around the southern coast receiving uncanny and unbelievable semaphore communications about a Martian invasion of Earth. Britain is being hit by alien life forms falling from the sky and leaving her gigantic navy of iron and steel obsolete.

Lovers of steampunk or Gothic style settings might enjoy this yarn as it unfolds and leads the reader towards the ultimate confrontation between HMS Thunder Child and three huge Martian tripod fighting machines.

Be there and follow the crew of HMS Thunder Child in this epic adventure!

For Paperback - CLICK HERE!


Bookstores - CLICK HERE!

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Unity Adam Demo from YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXI0l3yqBrA

I caught this YouTube clip via LinkedIn. I found it fascinating and oozing with quality. I hope anyone else will enjoy this fabulous creation.

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Gary Numan's (John Du Cann) - Jeans advert - Don't Be A Dummy

I remember this advert in cinemas for a jean brand. I never realised it was Gary Numan until some years later. The year of 1979 was one of my major coming of age years. The whole world was a vast place for me to explore and London was such a wonderful place. 

It changed so much in the space of 36 years, but I never noticed. It's only when I look back and chase memories through songs of the time, that I realise the change that has occurred over the decades.

Moody Blues - Ride My See Saw 1970

I was nine years old when this song came out in 1970. It captures many memories of the UK in that time. Everything seemed modern and optimistic. Sometimes, I can see that something inside of us has gone. These were such wonderful times, but I sometimes think the nostalgia of my young years only echoes with the kind memories.

Thursday, 30 June 2016

When Did David Cameron Wake the Goblins?

At the Bloomberg speech, David Cameron woke all the dispirited goblins from none voting slumber? Many had not registered to vote because no one political party offered them anything they wanted. Some were so unconvinced that they had not bothered voting for decades.

Then on this day of Bloomberg it became something like the movie called Labyrinth, when the girl calls into the mirror and berates her baby brother and wishes for the goblins to take him away. She has to say the right words a number of times. We see the goblins behind the mirror saying, “She’s going to say it.” They gasp and hold their breaths, waiting with expectant glee.

And so did the goblins of Britain’s electorate. We sat enthralled on the other side of our TV screens.
“He just said it!” – Referendum on the EU.

Then the doors blew open and a prize big mouth in the form of Nigel Farage stepped up for the coming referendum campaign. “What’s said is said,” replied the wonderful wicked goblin king.
A few month later he was in the EU parliament inviting them to laugh.

We mischievous goblins had a noble fool in the form of David Cameron, promising this and that with ill-deserved confidence. We goblins knew he would come back with nothing because the wicked loud mouth goblin king – our adorable Nigel – kept telling us.

Wow! It was so wonderful. We had our fool who believed he was a champion. He got re-elected by people who hated his party, but they wanted the referendum. No other party dared to offer such a thing and therefore none stood a chance. There was David Cameron promising everything to goblins who knew he would deliver nothing. Off he went to make a deal with an uncompromising dragon.

When Dave (Our Prime Minister) came back from his EU chat with his bag of empty sweet wrappers, he still tried to sell them to his electorate. He brought finance people and kings from far away lands to tell us stories of what would happen if we did not vote to stay in the glorious EU. The land of honey and gold where you can buy lots of wonderful things. All this for the price of sovereignty and a new political ideology imposed upon all, by unelected strange people from foreign lands.

Then the Brexit mavericks came out of the closet. One was a former mayor from London – an assassin who stepped up to wield the knife – another glory hunting fool chasing a dream. His name was Boris Johnson. Still, his loud mouth would be a great tool to scream for goblin support.

Then the clever ones stood behind him and some hid behind the foolish champion David. These were the real players who stayed in the shadows and watched the mudslinging. On the side lines was our goblin king Nigel who could be as politically incorrect as he liked, because the other Maverick Boris was doing all the P.C. stuff and could disown the goblin king at distance. He gave Brexit the air of decency (Something needed because Remain campaigners were labelling Brexiters as racists.) A two pronged, loud mouth, attack. One with nothing to lose and the other chasing everything. (Prime Minister of Brexit Britain) 

On referendum day the goblins all raced to the polls with great aplomb and the electoral turnout was bigger than any had seen for a long time.

I went to bed after casting my vote. I got up the following morning and turned on the news channel. It was very early and I was preparing for work. The news presenter was making the statement that the UK had reversed the decision of 1975 and was to leave the EU. I went back to the bedroom and told my wife. I could not help it. I had to wake her and let her know. She got up straight away delighted with the result.

I was so pleased. My Mother texted me. It just said, “Won.”

Then came the fallout from Europe, which was unsettling because we don’t dislike or have ill will towards our fellow Europeans. We just want our MPs to have ultimate power on things in the UK. Not governed by unelected people in Brussels. It was horrible to see some of the decent people of the EU voicing their dismay and upset. But it is not them we are vexed with. It is the unelected and unaccountable Presidents who keep hammering the EU ideology into us.

The UK must control immigration and when small up and coming companies want to sell UK produce to Brazil or India; the EU should not make them fill out all the legistration necessary to comply with this trade. It cripples small business. It can’t grow.

When our elected people mess up, we can vote to be rid of them. Even if some of us goblins want to return to unconcerned slumber. The referendum gave us the one chance to sack the unelected governors of Brussels and we goblins went for it.

Now we have lost the loud mouth maverick too - hoora! hoora! Their jobs are done. The mayor is out of the running for Prime Minister as assassins never get the job anyway. Now the serious players are standing upon the stage. The assassin was, in turn, character assassinated in one foul swoop by his adjutant Michael Gove in a move worthy of a Shakespeare drama.

Meanwhile - the patsy is gone. Long live the loud mouthed patsy - Boris Johnson. You did wonderfully well – now get lost and close the door on the way out - there's a good chap.

Nigel Farrage will wait on the side lines like a ravenous dog watching for any sign of a stitch up. I don’t think there will be and then this dog can run off into the field of obscurity. His grand work done. I would give him a little more appreciation then Boris, but he is not the kind of man we need in the diplomacy core.

Bring on the real players. The clever cowards – the quite rascals with no hearts, yet a will to follow the instructions of the electorate. There will be other rewards after the EU divorce for the new comers.

I see Theresa May and Liam Fox – an English woman or a Scottish man. I know the English woman was lack lustre on the Remain side in the EU debate. She did not really declare. Clever lady! She sat in the shadows.

The Scotsman Liam Fox. Mild of manner, but calm and collected. A Leave campaigner that refrained from the scare mongering.

Theresa and Liam - two very level headed people indeed. Now they are prepared to take on the long Kiss Goodbye with the EU.

Theresa May is firmly committed to the leave vote now it has been cast and there will be no back door stitch up or second referendum. Out is out. All knew she did not like the way things were with the EU, but she was no maverick. She played it sensible and will methodically set about unravelling the EU ways from our UK.

Liam Fox often politely spoke of his disbelief in the EU and that the UK could get by outside of it. He was not loud but he let people know where he stood on the matter. I think Theresa might get the job of Prime Minister and Liam will be at her side during the Brexit negotiation. I also think Michael Gove will play a part too.

If they do bring in other Brexiters from other parties, I would like to see Gisela Stewart – the German lady in the Labour party. She was a grand Brexiter too.

To the foolish knights, the mavericks and the devious shadow lurkers – Thank You.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Thunder Child in an Alternative Britain - Science Fiction Adaptation.

The bold ironclad that attacked three Martian tripods in War of the Worlds is about to be re-launched with a second edit and a new section. The new improved version of the pastiche novel is due out on January 2017.

Everything will be revamped. In the meantime, this version can still be bought, but only in the USA. For more, click here.